The Screen Printing Era

The Rise Of Screen Printing

With 2 billion T-shirts sold world-wide each year, screen printing is on the rise. Businesses are turning to bad ass t-shirts to help them stand out in their industry. Unlike commercials, and facebook ads; t-shirts are a timeless form of advertisement. A quality screen printed t-shirt can last forever. When someone wears a t-shirt with your logo they act as a walking billboard, spreading your message to the masses. 

Advertising with t-shirts is one of the cheapest forms of advertisements. When ordered in bulk you can get your logo printed for as low as 5 dollars per shirt. Thousands of impressions can be made with each t-shirt, allowing you to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers. 

 T-shirts adapt to the consumers lifestyle, and fit in where ever the consumer fits in. For example you won't see an ad for your donut shop inside the gym. On the other hand if someone wears a t-shirt with your donut shop logo to the gym it is normalized. Thus allowing you to bring in some of those gym-goers to your donut shop for their next cheat meal. 

Great t-shirts start conversations and spark intuition.

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Stay inky my friends!

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You’ll get used to it, the random strangers coming up to you and asking about your custom screen printed Factory Inks t-shirt. Alas, with great apparel comes great responsibility, and yours is to save the world from boring t-shirts.