How To Choose The Right Blank T-Shirt

There are thousands of blanks to choose from. It can be overwhelming at times. If you aren’t an expert, chances are you can not differentiate one blank t-shirt from another. Next time you place an order of shirts, you should consider the fit, the fabric, and the brand.


This is the most crucial factor to selecting a great blank t-shirt. Take into account your audience. For clothing lines you might go with something baggier like a Box-T. For gym tees, you would go with the Fashion-Fit tee. Looking for shirts for your work crew? An all around fitted tee would be best. The point is, your fit is determined by what your target audience will like to wear. Choosing the wrong fit is the difference between your customer wearing your shirt or selling it at Plato's Closet.


The fabrics you need to get familiar with are cotton, ringspun cotton, polyester, and tri-blends.


Cotton is going to be your go-to fabric for everyday wear. The majority of shirts you come across in your day-to-day will be made up of cotton. This fabric is for those of you with an audience made up of a variety of people. Get a fabric that everybody will love. Whenever in doubt, pick cotton!

Ringspun Cotton  

With the demand for soft shirts on the rise, these blanks are sure to help you stay on trend with the mainstream. The tight weave of this fabric provides a superior surface for screen printing. A higher resolution print will give you the clear advantage over your competition. This fabric will be much more durable than your typical cotton. Due to its superior quality, blanks made with this fabric will be slightly higher in price.


This fabric is the genetic makeup of your sport jerseys, mesh shorts, and dri-fits. Polyester has moisture wicking properties that help keep sweat away from your body during those hot summer days. The fitness industry is a huge endorser in this fabric. Polyester garments provide a very smooth surface for screen printing. For all you gym-goers and adrenaline junkies, you might wanna give this fabric a try.


Here's to the fashionistas! Tri-blends are gonna be the softest tees you can get. They will also usually be the most expensive. We recommend this fabric for high-end clothing brands rather than our everyday customers. If you really want to stand out as the company with the softest tees, they are worth the investment.



Each brand is going to have their own combination of fabrics and fits. It’s up to you to find a brand that fits the needs of your audience. I like to classify brands in categories of basic and premium.


  • Gildan

  • Jerzees

  • Anvil

  • Tultex

  • Hanes

  • Fruit of the Loom

  • Bayside

  • Bella Canvas

  • American Apparel

  • Next Level

  • Comfort Colors

  • Alternative Apparel

The Takeaway

Factory Inks specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality screen printing. We deliver the highest-quality prints regardless of t-shirt. This is simply a reference guide to help you determine what t-shirt best fits your needs. The best way to see if you like a shirt is to wear it. Order one online and see how it fits you and your audience. Still overwhelmed by the whole process? Send us an email and one of our team members will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect blank t-shirt.

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