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In A Rush?

You can now get lighting fast quotes for your favorite screen printed products. No longer are you limited to the products on our website. View our full catalog at www.alphabroder.com. Pick your favorite shirt, hoodie, accessorie etc. Include the name of the product on the Free Quote page of our website.

Free Quote Options

  • Use one logo on various colors of garments ( Include Color/Size Breakdown in notes section. Ex: 12 small blue shirts, 6 red shirts.
  • Print on accessories such as Koozies, bandanas, towels etc.
  • Use Custom Pantone code to get exact color match ( include in notes )
  • Share one logo across various products ( Include Product/Size/Color Breakdown in notes ) Ex: 6 small black Gildan G500 hoodies, 10 large red Anvil 780 t-shirts. 

No Limits 

We want to make sure our customers feel limitless when ordering custom screen printed shirts from Factory Inks. You can now get your shirt, your way without sacrificing valuable time. Take a look through our catalog and see what catches your eye. Fill out the free quote form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Stay inky my friends!

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      “Where’d You Get That Rad T-shirt?!”

      You’ll get used to it, the random strangers coming up to you and asking about your custom screen printed Factory Inks t-shirt. Alas, with great apparel comes great responsibility, and yours is to save the world from boring t-shirts.